An Nhien Homestay is a chain of high-class serviced apartments and apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. Since its establishment, An Nhien Homestay has had 6 branches in District 1, Phu Nhuan District and Binh Thanh District. In particular, branches in Binh Thanh district have long-term lease. And branches in District 1 and Phu Nhuan are hired long term and short term. The apartments in An Nhien are all 5-star standard with full equipment and high-class services.

When living here, customers will be as comfortable and free as staying in their own homes. Therefore, An Nhien constantly develops services and enhances the quality of rooms. Currently, we are still increasing our coverage on OTA channels and mass media. Our customers are from home and abroad. Especially, during the big holidays, our long-term booking orders come from overseas and overseas customers because of good prices, many convenient facilities during their stay.








We are proud that the apartments are located in an ideal location and convenient transportation. An Nhien Homestay – District 1, located in one of the arterial branches of Saigon is Nguyen Trai. The building is located in a position associated with Vietnam’s history – culture, close to famous scenic spots in Saigon as well as many famous entertainment and entertainment areas such as West Street – Bui Vien, Walking Street – Nguyen Hue,…
Unlike An Nhien Homestay – District 1, the remaining branch in Phu Nhuan district is located in a peaceful place. The building is located in Nguyen Van Troi housing, surrounded by markets and children’s living and playing areas. Guests can enjoy the feeling of peace here. Moreover, it is close to the international airport and only takes a few minutes to reach the entertainment places in the city center.


Ben Thanh Market - Ho Chi Minh City

Someone once said: “Never came to Saigon Ben Thanh Market”. Ben Thanh Market existed before the French invaded Gia Dinh. Initially, the market’s location was on the bank of the Ben Nghe River, next to a river wharf near Gia Dinh citadel (at that time the Quy city, also known as the Bagua citadel). This port is used for visitors and soldiers to enter the city, so it is called Ben Thanh and the market is also called Ben Thanh market. The first Ben Thanh Market was built with bricks, wooden ribs, and thatched roofs. It was described as “a street market, high-rise houses along the river wharf”. The market is a wharf for big and small traders, gathering hundreds of types of goods, traders bustling. But after the revolt against the Nguyen Dynasty of Le Van Khoi (1833 – 1835), the market was no longer as busy as before. Experiencing ups and downs of history, many times destroyed and burned, until 1912, the French filled an old swampy pond called Marais Boresse to rebuild the market. The market campus is planned on four sides by four roads, the front is Place Cuniac – the name of Mayor of Saigon, who is also the person who proposed to build a pond to build a market. Today, the people of Saigon still call it Bung Binh Ben Thanh Market, even though its name has been changed to “Cong Hoa Square”, “Dien Hong Square” and “Quach Thi Trang Square”.

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